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Sales Team Training (Corporate) 72hrs

Transform Sales Skills into Superpowers:

  • Per Diem $2,400

Service Description

Transform Sales Skills into Superpowers: Join Our Renowned Trainers on a Journey of Mastery. From prospecting to closing, learn the strategies, techniques, and mindset shifts that top performers use to consistently exceed targets and excel in the world of sales. Ignite your potential with our comprehensive Sales Training Services. Embark on a Journey of Service Mastery: Our training begins with a deep dive into the intricacies of the services you represent. Unearth the nuances, features, and benefits that set your offerings apart, laying the foundation for a profound understanding that forms the bedrock of your sales expertise. Crafting Convincing Narratives: Discover the finesse of consultative selling, where every interaction is an opportunity to weave compelling narratives about the value your services bring. Learn the art of communicating service excellence and transforming features into powerful benefits that resonate with your clients. Navigating the Service Sales Symphony: From identifying golden service opportunities to navigating the labyrinth of client needs, our program guides you through the orchestration of a seamless service sales process. Do you have a sales team whose numbers have been below your company's target quarter are quarter? Get them the best damn sales training around from an industry giant with over 20 years of sales in Fortune 500 companies and one of the world's top producers. Over the course of 72 hours, your team will be reprogrammed into the best damn sales team there is. Welcome to a transformative sales training experience tailored for those who aspire to elevate their prowess in service-oriented sales. Our comprehensive program is designed to immerse you in the art and science of selling services, unlocking the keys to unparalleled success in the corporate sales landscape. This isn't just training; it's a transformative experience that will redefine your approach to service-oriented sales. Join us on this journey, where each module is a stepping stone toward mastery, and success is not just a destination but a continuous evolution. Elevate your sales game; the future of service excellence awaits! This intense program will take them through the ABC's of selling in the current market and provide the confidence and methods guaranteed to improve their closing percentages. Or you can continue to lack in overall productivity, sales, and bottom-line. One-on-one or a team

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